05/02/2024 - NO FISHING FOR ALL OF 2024

Due to ongoing essential works, there will be no fishing permitted during the 2024 season. Read More

Fly fishing, bait fishing and spinning are all methods permitted by Clarkston Angling Club.

Fly fishing is a popular method among anglers who fish at the Lilly Loch. It is probably most successful during the warmer months of the season, when there are regular hatches of fly life on the surface of the water, increasing the chances of anglers catching one of the large Brown Trout that are in the loch. Fly fishing is permitted anywhere on the loch, however there is also an area which is specifically for fly fishing only. See the Tickets page for information about boat hire. Popular fly patterns are varieties of lures, Buzzers, Mallard and Clarets, Silver Invictas, Sedges and Muddlers.

Bait fishing is the most popular fishing method usually during the cooler months of the season, but tends to be very successful at anytime during the season. Powerbait is permitted and is very successful as anglers who use it often catch their 4 fish bag limit. Worms and maggots are also popular baits, but these can only be used during the Brown Trout season (15th of March until the 6th of October). Anglers are reminded, however, that the use of swimfeeders are not permitted by Clarkston Angling Club.

Spinning, although not as popular as bait and fly fishing at the Lilly Loch, is still a successful method to use, and it is not unheard of for anglers to catch their bag limit by spinning. Spinning also gives anglers the possibility of catching Perch or even a large Pike, which also live in the loch. Popular spinners used are copper or silver coloured Tobys, Dexters, Mepps or Tasmanian Devils.

Anglers are asked ideally to take any rubbish away with them, or to use one of the bins located around the loch. Litter left around the loch is not only unsightly, but can be hazardous to some of the animal life which inhabits the area. Open fires are not permitted, and anyone found to be leaving rubbish or lighting fires may be asked to leave the loch.